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Networking and Building Communities Online [Slide Deck]

Some time last week, I gave a brief talk for Associations Forum members in Adelaide as part of a presentation by my current CEO, Doug Jacquier. The session was all about networking and I talked about how social media can be used to network and build communities online.

In this talk, I focussed on three major tools that I use for networking and community building:

  • Facebook – Which is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, and definitely top one in Australia. This may be used for both personal and professional networking.
  • Twitter – Another popular networking site, best used to track conversations, popular trends and topics, as well as any interesting people that you may want to meet but haven’t had the opportunity to connect with.
  • LinkedIn – With 2 million users in Australia, this is also a social networking platform that’s worth some attention, especially from a professional perspective. However, most people would only wish to connect with others with whom they’ve already met or heard of. Having said that, the concept of joining Groups was also touched, as a way of meeting others in similar areas of interest/industry.

Some reasons to use social networks:

  • Social networks are great ways to keep in touch with people we meet in conferences, business meetings, social functions and other events.
  • Keeping an active professional profile online enables us to highlight our special abilities and activities. This may be especially useful for finding collaborators, potential employers, and team mates.
  • Having an online presence gives you better control of how you are portrayed online. Regardless of whether you deliberately choose to be online or not, chances are, you will have an online presence. It will just depend on whether or not that presence is available based on what you share, or what other people may share about you.

If you wish to see the slide deck I used with some notes on the tips, you can check it out below or via Slideshare:

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Social Media 101 Guides: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Over the last couple of months, I’ve finally started writing down the tips that I have been talking about and presenting on for many years. Like this blog, these basic social media guides have been long overdue.

Basic Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

Social Media in a Nutshell

If you’re interested, do check out these social media 101 guides that I have written at Connecting Up:

Twitter 101 for Nonprofits – This is a basic overview of why nonprofit and charity organisations should get on Twitter, and how people can use this social media platform.

Facebook 101 for Nonprofits – Primarily revolving around creating Facebook Pages for nonprofits, this basic guide provides a number of resources and tips.

Pinterest 101 for Nonprofits – Although Pinterest is still a new social platform, it is growing in popularity and may be considered a great way to tell nonprofit organisation’s stories in a visual format.

I hope you find these guides useful. I will keep you posted once I finish the other articles that I am planning to write. If you have any platform in particular that you wish to learn more about, please let me know too. I’d be interested to know about the things that you wish to learn more about.

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