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New Venture Reports

It has been two full weeks since I set up Vervely. I wrote about this new beginning here. And, what a couple of weeks it has been!

I’m not going to get in to any details, but I thought I’d start writing some notes about this whole process since leaving my old job and starting on this new journey. I don’t know… I think, unlike many of the blogs that I’ve started, I’m really considering making Enkindlers evolve more as a notebook, a sketch pad… Nothing here finished. Just rough drafts of my thoughts and ideas. Perhaps, notes of things I’ve read and experienced. Experimentations, mostly about work, career, entrepreneurship…

So, my style here will be completely different. More haphazard. Probably less polished and less coherent.

And yeah, sometimes, the post will just be short snippets of words or images or videos. Just a collection of resources that I would like to think about and explore.

I’ll start calling some of these posts related to Life Post-CU as my New Adventure Reports. They can be about my experiences setting up a new company, exploring new tools and programs, putting together packages and proposals, misadventures and learning…

This is a blog that I intend on writing mostly for myself as a way to reflect, remember and refer to in the future. Hopefully, someone else will find snippets of wisdom and joy in these posts.

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