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Welcome, New Friends from “I’m Just Sharing”

When my long-time online friend and supporter, Mitch Mitchell asked to interview me on his blog, I’m Just Sharing, I was flattered and pleased. After all, it would be like sitting down with someone who’s still interested in what you have to say even though you’ve known each other for years. In fact, I was surprised to remember that I’ve known Mitch back from the days when Ryze was a new social networking site (when there weren’t so many around yet!).

If you haven’t read the interview yet, please do head on over to Mitch’s Interview Post with Me.

Interview with Mitch Mitchell

A trip down memory lane...

Anyway, I always feel a bit strange reading interviews about me, and I can’t tell you exactly why. But, other than feeling slightly bashful, this interview made me feel like I was going to a trip down memory lane. It’s because Mitch and I ended up talking about my early blogging experiences, my work at (a NY Times company), and my other early projects. It always makes me seem ancient online when I talk about Geocities and hand-coding my blog using FrontPage.

But, it’s great to have these memories. It reminds me just how far I’ve gone and how much I’ve loved this online world that we’re building. It has definitely changed so much over the years. And, I’m still thrilled to be witnessing the whole thing.

In any case, if you found me through Mitch’s blog, I just want to say WELCOME! This is a new space on the web for me, as I move towards separating my “work-related” blog posts here on Enkindlers from my more personal posts via Studio Notes (my personal blog).

If you’re keen to read more about blogging, social media, content, and community, then please stay put and subscribe to Enkindlers.

If, however, you’re just a tad more keen to hear about some of my day-to-day interests, then do head on over to Studio Notes.

Wherever you might find yourself reading about the things I write about, I hope you enjoy it and please say hello.

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