Shai Coggins has been presenting about the topics that are covered here on Enkindlers. To book Shai for your event, please contact her using the form below:

Shai’s 2012 Events:

29 Feb: Networking and Building Online Communities (Adelaide, Australia) – Brief presentation for Associations Forum

3 Apr: Nonprofit Technology Conference #12NTC (San Francisco, USA) – Speaker/Facilitator for “International Nonprofit Organisations Networking Session”

1-3 May: Connecting Up Conference (Sydney, Australia) – Committee member and speaker/presenter on Social Media: Content Creation & Curation

Some of Shai’s Past Events:

2011 Events

November 2011
Speaker – MS NGO Day Bacolod, Philippines (completed)
Speaker – MS NGO Day Cebu, Philippines (completed)

October 2011
Workshop presenter – Associations Forum: Associations and Social Media (completed)

September 2011
Speaker/Presenter – YouLeaD Symposium (Youth in the Filipino Diaspora) – Topic: Blogging for Social Good – Manila, Philippines (completed, delivered via recorded video)
Presenter – TechSoup Global Content Pilot Group – Topic: Content Strategy (webinar) (completed)
Speaker/Presenter – AuSAE Leadership Symposium – Topic: Communications: Old & New Media – Canberra, Australia (completed)

July 2011
Facilitator – Social Media for Grantmakers Workshop – Philanthropy Australia – Melbourne, Australia – complete

June 2011
Conference Organiser/Speaker/Keynote Plenary – Connecting Up 2011 – Melbourne, Australia – complete

May 2011
Speaker – Microsoft NGO Day Colombo 2011 in Sri Lanka – complete
Presenter – APAC NGO / Tech4Good Summit – Sri Lanka – complete

April 2011
Event co-organiser – 2nd NetSquared Adelaide – Adelaide, Australia

March 2011
Event co-organiser – 1st NetSquared Adelaide – Adelaide, Australia – complete
Speaker – MS NGO Day Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – complete
Facilitator/Delegate – Nonprofit Technology Conference 2011 (NTC ’11) – Affinity Group Topic: Global Nonprofits (facilitator) – Washington DC, USA – complete

February 2011
Presenter/Facilitator/Delegate – TechSoup Global Summit 2011 – San Francisco, USA – complete
Speaker – MS NGO Day Davao, Philippines – complete
Speaker – MS NGO Day Manila, Philippines – complete

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