About Enkindlers

This blog hopes to cover a number of topics that aim to help nonprofits, charities, and social enterprises, particularly in the areas of community, content, and creativity. Some of its main themes will revolve around digital, strategy, measurement, social media, blogging, storytelling, and the different tools and resources in these topics. It is created and maintained by Shai Coggins.

To learn more about how this blog came about, read this introductory post.

About Shai Coggins

Shai has worked in the nonprofit sector and in digital media in different parts of the globe. Her combined interest and passion for using her favourite tools in her favourite sector enable her to be a source of ideas and inspiration.

Currently, Shai is a Manager for Content and Community at Connecting Up, Inc, a nonprofit organisation based in Australia. On top of her duties managing the organisation’s social media, communications, marketing, learning/networking events, and educational resources, Shai is also called upon to be a speaker/presenter in various conferences, workshops, and other events in the nonprofit sector around the world.

Some of the places Shai has presented in include: MS NGO Connection Days (Sydney, Manila, Davao, Bacolod, Cebu, Kuala Lumpur, and Colombo; 2010-2011), APAC Tech For Good Summit (Sri Lanka; 2011), TechSoup Global Summit (San Francicso, USA; 2011), Nonprofit Technology Conference (Washington DC; 2011), Making Links (Perth, Australia; 2010); Connecting Up Conference (Melbourne, Australia; 2011 keynote). To find out which event you might find Shai next, or to book her for your event, please see Events.

In a previous life, Shai has worked as a psychologist (Philippines, Singapore)/trainee psychologist (Australia) for people with disabilities at different nonprofits. She also co-founded a blog network (b5media) and wrote for a number of online and print publications, including About.com (a NY Times company), Elle Magazine, and different magazines and newspapers. She received a number of awards for her writing, studies, and social media work, including being named as one of the “Most Influential Women in Technology” for blogging by Fast Company (2009).

Shai holds a Masters degree in Applied Psychology (Singapore) and is currently completing her Masters in Teaching degree (Australia).

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