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New Venture Reports

It has been two full weeks since I set up Vervely. I wrote about this new beginning here. And, what a couple of weeks it has been!

I’m not going to get in to any details, but I thought I’d start writing some notes about this whole process since leaving my old job and starting on this new journey. I don’t know… I think, unlike many of the blogs that I’ve started, I’m really considering making Enkindlers evolve more as a notebook, a sketch pad… Nothing here finished. Just rough drafts of my thoughts and ideas. Perhaps, notes of things I’ve read and experienced. Experimentations, mostly about work, career, entrepreneurship…

So, my style here will be completely different. More haphazard. Probably less polished and less coherent.

And yeah, sometimes, the post will just be short snippets of words or images or videos. Just a collection of resources that I would like to think about and explore.

I’ll start calling some of these posts related to Life Post-CU as my New Adventure Reports. They can be about my experiences setting up a new company, exploring new tools and programs, putting together packages and proposals, misadventures and learning…

This is a blog that I intend on writing mostly for myself as a way to reflect, remember and refer to in the future. Hopefully, someone else will find snippets of wisdom and joy in these posts.

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Changes and New Paths

Just over a week ago, I left my job as part of the exec team and Manager of Content and Community (Communications) at Connecting Up. I’ve written a little more about this at: Time To Be Vervelycious.

I’ve barely returned the keys to the office when calls and messages started coming through. People asking if there’s anything that they can do to help me find my new direction. People wishing me well. And people offering new opportunities.

Thanks to these people, I felt more grateful than sad to leave a job that I loved dearly. My only regret was not getting the chance to reach out to everyone in the community that I helped to build and say goodbye properly.

But, at least there’s this wonderful web where I am able to reach out to let people know that I’d love to stay in touch.

And, this same wonderful web is enabling people to reach out to me to let me know that they’d love to stay in touch too. In fact, some of those people reached out by saying they actually would like the opportunity to work with me.

So, that’s why in less than a week, I managed to set up Vervely. It’s a company that I’m establishing to help Not-for-Profit organisations, charities, associations, foundations, and social enterprises, as well as small and medium sized businesses. Through Vervely, I would be offering programs and services that specifically target ogranisations’ use of digital media and community engagement.

As part of this new move, I’m restructuring how I use Enkindlers as a blog. Originally, my plan was to put all my relevant articles and posts here on digital media, community, content, etc. as they do not fit my personal blog, Studio Notes. But, I believe those types of posts now fit Vervely a lot better.

With that in mind, I had two options: 1) Just completely abandon Enkindlers and move on; or 2) Keep Enkindlers for now as a place to note some of my interests that do not really fit Studio Notes or Vervely. Most likely, thoughts about building a business, career planning, job hunting, management, leadership, start-ups, and the like. Perhaps, even general thoughts and resources on NFPs and social innovation. These are topics that I enjoy reading about and learning from. So, to build my own body of knowledge, I would like the opportunity to write about them here.

As a content strategist, these are the sort of things I think about, you see. 🙂

So yes, I still plan on keeping Enkindlers for now. But, if you’re here to look for ideas on digital media, social networking, web development, especially as they affect NFPs, SocEnts, and SMEs, please head on over to Vervely.

And, if there’s anything I can do to help you there, please let me know.

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Create, Curate & Connect Online: On Content and Community at CU12

Last week, Connecting Up staged its 8th annual conference for the not-for-profit sector in Australia (#CU12). This year, the conference has officially branched out from being primarily a technology conference, adding the streams social media and web, as well as marketing and communications.

Connecting Up Conference Presentation on Social Media, Content and Community

Content and Community in the Social Web: A CU12 Presentation

Now, other than being one of the three committee members of the conference, I also facilitated a couple of the breakout sessions, helped out during the networking session, and presented during one of the social media power sessions with my colleague, Ben Teoh.

It was a totally new talk that I put together exclusively for the Connecting Up 2012 delegates. Last year, when I did one of the keynotes, I focused on the state of social media as it was being used in Australia and the not-for-profit sector. This year, I wanted to focus more on answering the question that I seem to be getting a lot nowadays: “We know that social media can play a vital role in not-for-profit organisations, so what’s next? How can we take this further?”

Also, as part of the conference committee, I knew that I wanted the following topics to be covered in the social media/web stream:

  • Strategy and Policies
  • Research/Best Practice/Case Studies
  • Content and Community
  • Metrics/Measurement

So, the committee used these topics as a guide on which presenters we would like to have in our conference this year. With most of the submissions covering the other topics, I ended up with the topics I really love: Content and Community.

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