TechSoup Global Network Community Spotlight

Over the last 20 months or so, I’ve been working with Connecting Up, Inc, a not-for-profit organisation based here in Adelaide that offers programs and services to other not-for-profits all over Australia, as well as New Zealand. We’re also slowly growing our operations to the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

One of the great things about being part of Connecting Up is its international reach, especially through its partnership with TechSoup Global (TSG), a nonprofit organisation based in San Francisco, USA. Having had the opportunity to meet and work with the folks from TSG had been an overall fantastic experience for me. Of course, there are the usual challenges that go along with timezone differences (Hello, webinars conducted at 10:30pm ADL time!) and cultural adaptations (I say to-mah-to, they say to-may-to?:)). But, I always find it refreshing to work with a global view.

Anyway, the good folks from TSG had been nice enough to feature me in their March 2012 Community Spotlight as such:

TSG Community Spotlight: March 2012

Here’s the text:

Shai Coggins is the Manager of Communications & Web Content at Connecting Up, the TechSoup Global donation partner in Australia and New Zealand. Because of her key role with Connecting Up, Shai is an active participant and key connector between TSG, and within the partner network.

Her TSGN activities included speaking at Microsoft NGO Connection Days in the Phillippines, engaging with the content team on global campaigns and spearheading the Australian and New Zealand TSDigs challenge!

Visit her blog to catch up with her (many!) activities.

Thank you for your contribution and keep up the great work Shai!

So, now you see why I really, really like my TechSoup family! šŸ™‚

Thanks, guys.

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