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The New Dynamics of Career Development [Infographic]

It’s interesting to see the current trends on employment and career development through this recent infographic from Jobvite. Even though the findings here seem to be drawn from a U.S. audience, there is a possibility that some of the data here may still be relevant in other countries. In any case, these are some of the things that I found interesting in the data that was presented here:


  • The rate of individuals being open to finding new jobs even though they are still employed. Granted, 61% isn’t extremely high, but this number shows that retention of staff members can be quite tricky in this current environment.
  • Long term career planning is no longer a major goal for both employers and employees. People don’t seem to rely on job security, so it’s increasingly important to develop flexible and adaptable skills that may be moved from job to job.
  • Social media is playing an increasing role in job search. With 22 million Americans claiming to have found their jobs through LinkedIn (42%), Twitter (32%), and Facebook (25%), employees who do not utilise these avenues as part of their career development may be missing out on job opportunities. Also, employers may also need to develop strategies to use social media as a way to attract potential employees.
  • The use of on-site coaching and other professional development as a way to encourage, empower, attract, and retain employees. With people becoming more mobile with employment, continuous skills development has become an important part of the workplace.
  • Self employment is seen to be more stable than a full-time job by more than half of new college graduates. This means that employers now should find different ways to attract and retain fresh graduates in their organisations. Perhaps, looking at offering different aspects of self employment that may seem attractive in a full time job (eg, flexible hours, mobile offices, etc).

It would be interesting to find out if a similar trend is apparent across all sectors and in different countries.

Over to you

Do you find that staff retention is a challenge in your organisation? What’s your management doing to encourage a more monogamous employment relationship?

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Networking and Building Communities Online [Slide Deck]

Some time last week, I gave a brief talk for Associations Forum members in Adelaide as part of a presentation by my current CEO, Doug Jacquier. The session was all about networking and I talked about how social media can be used to network and build communities online.

In this talk, I focussed on three major tools that I use for networking and community building:

  • Facebook – Which is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, and definitely top one in Australia. This may be used for both personal and professional networking.
  • Twitter – Another popular networking site, best used to track conversations, popular trends and topics, as well as any interesting people that you may want to meet but haven’t had the opportunity to connect with.
  • LinkedIn – With 2 million users in Australia, this is also a social networking platform that’s worth some attention, especially from a professional perspective. However, most people would only wish to connect with others with whom they’ve already met or heard of. Having said that, the concept of joining Groups was also touched, as a way of meeting others in similar areas of interest/industry.

Some reasons to use social networks:

  • Social networks are great ways to keep in touch with people we meet in conferences, business meetings, social functions and other events.
  • Keeping an active professional profile online enables us to highlight our special abilities and activities. This may be especially useful for finding collaborators, potential employers, and team mates.
  • Having an online presence gives you better control of how you are portrayed online. Regardless of whether you deliberately choose to be online or not, chances are, you will have an online presence. It will just depend on whether or not that presence is available based on what you share, or what other people may share about you.

If you wish to see the slide deck I used with some notes on the tips, you can check it out below or via Slideshare:

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TechSoup Global Network Community Spotlight

Over the last 20 months or so, I’ve been working with Connecting Up, Inc, a not-for-profit organisation based here in Adelaide that offers programs and services to other not-for-profits all over Australia, as well as New Zealand. We’re also slowly growing our operations to the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

One of the great things about being part of Connecting Up is its international reach, especially through its partnership with TechSoup Global (TSG), a nonprofit organisation based in San Francisco, USA. Having had the opportunity to meet and work with the folks from TSG had been an overall fantastic experience for me. Of course, there are the usual challenges that go along with timezone differences (Hello, webinars conducted at 10:30pm ADL time!) and cultural adaptations (I say to-mah-to, they say to-may-to?:)). But, I always find it refreshing to work with a global view.

Anyway, the good folks from TSG had been nice enough to feature me in their March 2012 Community Spotlight as such:

TSG Community Spotlight: March 2012

Here’s the text:

Shai Coggins is the Manager of Communications & Web Content at Connecting Up, the TechSoup Global donation partner in Australia and New Zealand. Because of her key role with Connecting Up, Shai is an active participant and key connector between TSG, and within the partner network.

Her TSGN activities included speaking at Microsoft NGO Connection Days in the Phillippines, engaging with the content team on global campaigns and spearheading the Australian and New Zealand TSDigs challenge!

Visit her blog to catch up with her (many!) activities.

Thank you for your contribution and keep up the great work Shai!

So, now you see why I really, really like my TechSoup family! 🙂

Thanks, guys.

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